As many of you know, the world has been overtaken by the Pokemon Go craze and our office is no exception. While we initially presumed that this would only dampen the general productivity, we grew to understand that the phenomenon had also a brighter side to it. People all around the office were bonding and chatting about it and most would actually go for a good walk during their breaks, instead of just sitting at their computer for several hours. So we created a compromise – we’d place posters around the office, listing tips on how to to play responsibly. If your office has also caught the Pokemon fever, here are a couple of ideas on how to “catch em all” while not losing productivity:

You are entitled to have a 5 minute break each hour – use it to stretch out your legs and have a healthy walk around your office to catch some Pokemon on the way.

While focusing on your work, put your phone in your pocket or handbag, so that you don’t have to deal with the temptation to grab your phone for “just one more Pokemon catch and then I’ll get to work!”.

Probably the biggest boost that Pokemon Go provided was that people were communicating about it all day long, thus improving synergy between co-workers. Even the most quiet people opened up and couldn’t stop bantering.

Most people hate the morning commute to work, but with Pokemon Go they can turn the usually tedious event into a fun Pokemon hunt and, hey – if you find a good catch then your day has started positively, and everyone likes happy co-workers.
If you want to bring responsible Pokemon-ing to your workplace, then we’ve made a poster to display around our office, feel free to download it at the form below, and print it out in yours as well! Available both in white and dark versions.
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