143 Motivational Quotes For Work to Boost Your Motivation and Inspire Success


143 Motivational Quotes For Work to Boost Your Motivation and Inspire Success Are you in search of that perfect quote that will motivate you to do better at work? Perhaps you need just a little inspiration to keep going? Maybe it’s about time you inspired your employees for great teamwork with some motivational quotes? We […]

Roundup No. 7: How to thrive in an open-office world and improve productivity

8 Insanely Simple Productivity Hacks There are so many distractions in today’s workplace that break your focus and productive streaks. It’s easy to get stressed and frustrated because of non-stop interruptions. The good news is that there are hacks you can do to accomplish more in less time. These hacks include setting mini goals, putting […]

Roundup No. 6: What about a productivity diet?

Your Brain Has a ”Delete” Button—Here’s How to Use It It turns out, there’s scientific proof behind the saying “practice makes perfect.” Your ability to learn something new depends on strengthening neural connections. For example, the more you practice speaking a foreign language, the stronger the circuits get, and the more fluent you become in […]

Roundup No 5: The remote workforce, time tracking, and habits of happy people

How You Can Boost Productivity by Tracking Your Time Do you feel like you aren’t working as productively as you could be? To be productive, you must understand the reasons why you procrastinate and the habits that hold you back. Time tracking can help you understand how much time you spend on each of your […]