13 Best Corporate Gift Ideas You Don’t Want To Miss 2019

Best Corporate Gifts 2019 Luxafor

The season of corporate gifting is that time of the year when many companies are troubled by the ultimate question – what could we gift this year that could encourage higher productivity, inspire cooperation, strengthen relationships and simply show that we care? However small scale problem this may be, we know that this festive challenge […]

Your Office Sucks? Here's 6 Realistic Ways to Fix it.

Open office sucks-6 ways to fix it

We all know modern office sucks and now it’s time for someone to finally break down the 6 realistic ways to fix it! Remember: THE COMPANY CULTURE makes or breaks the efficiency of any office layout. Thus, the solutions suggested below work best when everyone is using them. 6 ESSENTIALS TO MAKE OPEN-OFFICE WORK FOR […]

How To Recharge Your Mind For Increased Productivity

CEO tips on productive recharging

It is very hard to achieve a good work-life balance, but I believe this one change in my mindset about ”recharging the batteries” made a huge difference in my life. Kristian, the CEO of Luxafor company, is sharing his tips on overcoming mental fatigue and burnout by recharging more.

What do you think – are you a great leader?

A leader is someone who inspires others to think big. Someone who can build a great team, lead it, and bring it towards success in accordance with their mission and vision. To understand how effective you are as a leader, Nicole Fallon Taylor has raised three important questions to ask yourself