New in Business? Don’t Let Yourself Burn Out!

Nowadays there are many discussions about burnout. There are people who believe it’s a made up disease in modern society. Still, occupational burnout is a serious problem that’s hard recover from. It’s mainly caused by ongoing psychological stress in the workplace. One profession where people are vulnerable to stress is entrepreneurship. Especially entrepreneurs running new […]

The new method that will help you accomplish all of your daily to-dos

To do list tips

To use your work hours efficiently, you have to consider the best ways to get organized and manage your daily tasks and projects. Mike Renahan, a HubSpot sales blogger, offers an interesting method for how to deal with your to-dos. It’s called the “impact vs. effort analysis.” This method lets you easily estimate which of […]

The open-office plan: smart design, or overrated trend?

The open-office floorplan is modern, cheaper than the “old-school” office setup with separate rooms or cubicles, and better for collaboration and creativity. Well, that’s what we’d like to believe. Instead, the open office is an environment where continuous distraction is common. Since everyone is sharing the same space, it’s easy for coworkers to chat with […]